Ziv Fox & Co., Advocates & Notary law firm was established in 1978 by Advocate Ziv Fox, a graduate of the Hebrew University School of Law in Jerusalem. Since then, the firm has acquired extensive experience in providing top quality legal services in all aspects of Civil Law, including  business-commercial law.

The main areas the firm specializes in are: Real estate, land taxation, commercial law, contracts, family law and estate law, court appearances, arbitration and mediation as well as all types of notarial services.

The services Ziv Fox & Co., Advocates & Notary law firm provide its clients include among others: Consultation, strategic legal guidance, representation in court and  tribunals, in negotiations, mediation proceedings, as well as ongoing legal and specialized  counsel on a variety of legal issues.

The firm has a close working relationship with expert consultants in many professional fields both in Israel and abroad.

Our clients include corporations (in the industry, technology, real estate and service providers), local authorities, organizations and institutions, partnerships and nonprofit organizations, business developers and individual clients, both in Israel and abroad. 

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Real Estate

Litigation& mediation

Inheritance law